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    Mobile is always an option.

    Mobile Solutions

    Smartphones and mobile terminals like the iPad or other tablets have changed the habits of users in the last few years. Our mobile solutions considers this change and offers users an optimal user experience and real value in mobile scenarios.

    We conceive, create and develop native apps for the major smartphone and tablet platforms, web apps and mobile websites. Individually for every business. Not only do we transfer already existing web promotions simply onto mobile platforms, but we also newly conceptualize them. They will be optimal for the users' demands and features will be adapted to the restrictions of several devices.

    For all projects, we review if the goal of our client has been met with a mobile solution. That’s why we analyze the audience and the brand. To show that a mobile solution or mobile business model has potential, we create a sketch of the idea and a concrete business case. We subsequently elaborate this basic approach.

    Mobile Deployment

    Spontaneous purchase, strong usage of services, response from top target groups, cashless payment.

    Tailored Solutions

    Trend studies, target group and consumption analysis, idea profile, technical advice and evaluation.


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