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    User Experience

    The optimal User Experience (UX) is at the focus of all our projects and concepts.

    User Experience

    We develop and create internet sites and digital products for people. People that see these pages, use it and integrate with it – experience it. This experience is called, "User Experience".

    Our task is to create a positive user experience. We want the user to enjoy using our products. That's why we conceive digital products that users understand and which they can easily operate, products that meet and satisfy their needs. Furthermore, the products need to impart trust and reliability.

    To create a good user experience, we offer various disciplines: information architecture, interaction design, visual design, usability and prototype engineering.

    Requirement Analysis

    Mental models, persona, scenarios, heuristic evaluation.

    Information Architecture

    Content inventory, site map, card sorting, navigation structure.

    Interface and Interaction Concept

    Storyboard, wireframe, rapid prototyping, paper prototyping.


    Wireflow, process flow, concept model, user requirements.


    For optimal results: A/B testing, usability tests.


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