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    2010 | Direct Line | iPhone App

    Regulate Accident Cases via iPhone App


    The direct automobile insurer Direct Line offers motorists a iPhone App, which in the event of an accident, enables them to quickly forward all important information to their insurer without complications and to search for a repair shop.

    The concrete help for the insured stands in the forefront for Direct Line since the beginning, because the automobile insurer from Teltow wanted an app, which users, in the case of an emergency, can leave the site. The benefit of insurance upon completion of a contract is yet to be experienced. Only first, when the customer, in fact, needs the insurance can they use it. Therefore, Direct Line and triplesense concentrated fully on the accident situation. "triplesense recognized how important it actually was to provide the users of the app this focus", explained Direct Line Project Lead Timo Wagner. triplesense stewarded the internet website relaunch of Direct Line and the associated realignment of online customer communication.


    App help in an accident situation the right thing to do: In the ideal world, the insured can, for example, report damage to his or her bumper directly after the accident. For the driver, this situation is doubly stressful: He or she must internally process what happened and at the same time, describe the most exact details leading to this accident. In this scenario, the iPhone app offers support that guides the driver step by step during the evidentiary hearing and contact support with Direct Line at all times. With the app, photos as well as written and spoken accounts and the determination of location can be made. Even drivers, who are not insured with Direct Line, can use these functions and send the information to their own insurance by email. For Direct Line customers, all contact information is already filled out in advance.

    The app shows all functions that the user can select in one glance and with no particular sequence. The principle of the app's stage, which is based on the iOS home screen, should enable the user to operate the app quickly in an accident situation. Especially important for triplesense was to bundle the iOS functions like photographing, audio recording and notes into one app, so that users did not have to separately start each one. Because the app centrally gathers all the data and media, the user does not need to do too much work. Consequently, users experience how helpful the app is during an accident.

    Test by means of a Prototype
    Apps for touch-sensitive monitors like iPad or iPhone are currently being developed for platforms like Windows or Mac. However, what works in concept and in design with programs like Axure or Photoshop under Windows/Mac, doesn’t necessarily work automatically on a smartphone with a touchscreen. triplesense had therefore built the Direct Line app directly in a conceptual prototype in HTML/jQuery Touch, to immediately get a feel for the service of the app in the conception process. The agile development helped to create a quick prototype and to try out the original idea directly on the iPhone. Particular attention was placed on the simple and intuitive operation of the app.


    The app is compatible with the iPhone and requires iOS 4.0 or later versions. The language is German.

    App on iTunes:


    The automobile insurer Direct Line offers motorist an iPhone app that enables them to quickly forward all important information to their insurer without complications and to search for a repair shop.

    Client Feedback

    "Since its launch, the app has met with great interest and appeared in the Top 20 for the category "Service Programs" for several weeks. Praise came from other sources as well: Robert Bosch, former Managing Direct of Sales at Axel Springer, noted the Directed App as a positive example of offering "real value". A debate "The Mobile Panel: 'Cracking the marketing code! Mobile as a brand builder?’' was held at dmexco 2010, the fair for digital marketing."



    Ranking in "Show Your App Award 2012"


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