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Winning parcel customers as parcel deliverers

We all order eagerly online and expect fast and punctual delivery of the ordered goods. At the same time, the streets are congested and the recipients are often not at home. The result for parcel services is that the last mile is broken. Together with Triplesense, DHL launched a test project to circumvent this bottleneck by turning parcel recipients into parcel carriers themselves.


How can DHL innovatively solve the problem of the last mile? How does a leading logistics company manage to transport the growing volume of parcel shipments to the recipient as smoothly and efficiently as possible? For the innovation department “DHL Solutions & Innovation” Triplesense worked on a new business process in which the “crowd”, i.e. the multitude of potential customers, was allowed to take over the most critical step of parcel delivery themselves. The key question was: How should a service be designed that motivates parcel recipients to accept shipments for other recipients and deliver them to their neighbors?


The result was a pilot program that combined the crowd and logistics into an innovative system using an app and a reward program. In order to better understand the initial situation and the needs of the test users in Sweden, the project team used a combination of user interviews and joint workshops. On the basis of the insights gained, Triplesense modeled the customer journey and described the novel process in a comprehensive concept map.

This preparatory work paved the way for the development of an app and an accompanying website, which interested parties could use to register for the pilot project and then use the app to take and deliver packages from other recipients. An ingenious points and reward system combined with gamification elements such as badges provided the appropriate motivation for participants to take other people’s parcels with them on their own journey.

Parallel to the business model, the website and the app, Triplesense realized the technical connection of the program to the backend systems of DHL as well as the integration of payment functions. A website campaign and a guided tour ensured that a sufficient number of test users got to know the service and could use it easily.


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In test operation, the system consisting of landing page, registration and app generated very positive feedback. Within a short period of time, numerous users were won over as enthusiastic leisure package providers. Even if the idea was ultimately not pursued, the pilot supported the customer DHL in developing innovative solutions to the problem of the last mile.

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