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Innovation in the name of coffee

Together with Melitta, Minden, Triplesense Reply developed an innovative service model for a business unit. To this end, the Melitta team and our design thinking experts started a design sprint at an offsite location in Amsterdam, a city with a coffee culture rich in tradition. Together, the design team spent several days to develop ideas outside the ordinary and build the first prototypes. In the process, the Melitta team learned, so to speak, how to apply design thinking and user experience methods themselves in the future and how to drive the change process in the company.


How does a traditional company adapt to changing market conditions and manage to create attractive new digital services? What expectations do promising customer groups have for the future of coffee enjoyment? These and similar questions provided the framework for the multi-day Design Challenge in a creative environment.


Innovation through co-creation was the maxim for this exciting workshop. Following the principles of design thinking, Triplesense Reply designed a joint voyage of discovery into the future of the coffee business. In the stimulating atmosphere of an Amsterdam pop-up studio, the interdisciplinary team was allowed to jointly and creatively develop ideas for digital services. Using methods such as visual thinking, lean user research, context and customer journey mapping, the participants identified previously undiscovered opportunities and generated unexpected insights. Under the guidance of Triplesense Reply’s design thinkers, they developed their ideas into tangible and testable prototypes during the workshop.


Design Thinking, Prototyping, innovation, validation, User Research, Service Design, Service Blueprint, Customer Journey Mapping


At the end of the design sprint, exhaustion mixed with feelings of happiness: Seldom had Melitta employees felt they had covered so many meters in such a short time, limited by time boxing. Frahling enthusiasts will presumably get to know some of the ideas developed in the workshop in the near future. The Design Sprint certainly made a very positive contribution to Team Building.

The customer

Melitta is an internationally active, family-owned group of companies with a tradition of over 100 years. The company produces branded products for coffee enjoyment, food storage and preparation and for cleanliness in the home. In addition to the Melitta brand, the portfolio includes names such as Cilia, Toppits and Swirl. With more than 4,200 employees, Melitta generates sales of more than 1.4 billion euros, including 50 million coffee filters produced every day!

You want to know more?

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