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Designing the Future of Mobility

Triplesense Reply supported the Ostwestfalen-Lippe transport authority in designing the mobility of the future. Questions such as “How will people use public transport in the future?”, “What fares do we need?” or “Do we need to change our attitude, structure or products?” were presented in a Design Thinking Session. Using a targeted sequencing method, the participants of the session were able to develop solutions and even create prototypes. As a result, all participants had a common understanding, a common direction and discovered three scenarios as approaches for future solutions to their challenges.


How will our customers commute in the future? What can we do together for our them? Where are we challenged to change? These are the questions that a networked transport company asks itself today, and ultimately must answer. There are many approaches: e-ticketing, electronic sales options, electronic fares, active mobility management or linked offers. What is the right strategy for OWL Verkehr in this changed environment?


One of the challenges right from the start was to bring the various actors together and to establish a common understanding. This was not an easy task, as all the companies involved are also subject to different political influences and legal regulations. Triplesense Reply has chose to invite all stakeholders to a common design session. The design team was given the task to create a start-up in the field of mobility. The so-called Design Challenge, which the Design Team had to solve during the session, was difficult: “The future is public transport” – Create a digital user-centered mobility experience, networked and without borders. With this business simulation, all participants should have the opportunity to incorporate their ideas of an ideal transport company.

Thanks to methods such as visual thinking, lean user research, context and customer journey mapping, the participants recognized previously undiscovered opportunities and generated unexpected insights.


Prototyping, Service Design, Service Blueprint, Customer Journey, Team Building, Startup game, Design Thinking


Design thinking, prototyping, innovation, Service Blueprint, Customer Journey


Through the simulated process of a launching a start-up, all the participants had discarded their actual roles and restrictions and were guided through a process facilitated by Triplesense Reply. In only one day, three different business models and new services for mobility customers were developed. The team gained common understanding of the current situation and possible solutions. And last but not least, it was such a success that all participants of the Design Sprint evaluated the Design Thinking approach as absolutely essential for their common project.

The Customer

OWL Verkehr is a mobility service provider which, as a service company of public transport companies, acts as an interface between passengers, the political authorities and over 20 transit companies.

Would you like to know more?

If we were able to spark your interest in Design Thinking, we would be happy to invite you to a joint Design Advisory Session. The aim of this session is to better understand you, your company and, above all, the problems which confront you. This helps us to better assess how and where we can support you with design methods.

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