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    Design Thinking

    Real innovation for your business means nobody has ever thought of it. From the user's point of view.

    The Mindset

    Design Thinking is less a method, but more a way of thinking that helps empower people / users / customers to meet the challenges of digital transformation, develop new approaches, services or business models - and ultimately make them successful.

    At Triplesense Reply we use a proven method set of service design, design thinking and user experience. This is used in the context of co-creative processes, in which we accompany interdisciplinary teams from your company and end users from the problem to the solution. We facilitate this grouping and decision-making process in the term of workshops, e.g. design sprints that help build a creative space and encourage innovative thinking to solve your business challenges. In a short time you generate initial ideas, identify the strongest in response to your particular problem, and develop prototypes that can be directly validated with end users of your product or service. This gives you a very early valuable feedback, which can be used to optimize your solution and prevent expensive developments. That is how to create relevance for your target groups and real value for your company.

    The process

    Design Thinking is not linear, but a structured process that will lead you from point A (your business problem) to point B (a solution that can be validated and solves your business problem). At Triplesense Reply we use an established process model, the so-called double diamonds of the British Design Council. The core idea is to use diverging moments in each phase of the process in which, for example, many ideas are generated, and then the best are identified and filtered out by converging moments.

    The principles

    The principles behind Design Thinking help to set up the mindest that is appropriate for each stage.

    From the point of view of your specific problem, you will be better acquainted with the ones for which they are designed - for example through observation, interviews or experience mapping campaigns.

    Narrow down your innovation search and consolidate your findings from design research - for example through Personas, Journey Maps or Opportunity Detection.

    Generate many ideas that have a high relevance for your target group and the potential to solve your business problem - for example through brainwriting, ideal portfolios or other ideation methods.

    Develop a first representation of your idea as a prototype to make you 'understandable' for others - for example, through paper prototypes, desktop walkthroughs, or service scenarios.

    Validate your prototype by testing it with real users, and get valuable feedback - for example through use labs or closed betas. 

    Design Thinking never follows "schema F", it is always individual. Triplesense Reply helps you to determine and implement a procedure which is suitable for you and your requirements.

    Design Thinking for your business

    You want to develop new digital products, services and business models, optimize internal business processes or make your organization fit for the digital transformation? Then you are right at Triplesense Reply. We are a group of 70+ designers, creators, digital strategists, change managers, user experience architects, interaction designers, art directors, virtual reality artists, agile coaches, business analysts, software architects, web developers, game designers, conversion optimizers, Digital marketing experts, growth hackers and project managers. All in action to deal with the challenges of digital transformation.

    Design Thinking is an essential part of our consulting offer to work with our customers and find out how their own digital value chain can look like. Our location-independent Pop Up Design Studios, as well as our Design Thinking Labs for digital transformation in Munich, Frankfurt and G├╝tersloh offer an inspiring environment for interdisciplinary teams to free their creativity and develop new, convincing business models, digital services and products. Our design thinkers plan and facilitate innovation processes without losing sight of factors such as effort, quality or speed. Always with the focus to create relevance for your customers, employees as well as business partners and create added value for your company. With all the possibilities digital experts can offer. If you are curious, we are looking forward to a conversation. We would be pleased to invite you to a non-binding advisory session, so we can get to know you and understand your challenges better and finally offer you an individual advice. In best design thinking-style - hands on :)

    Interested in our design thinking offer?

    Martin Politzer

    Account Director
    Phone: +49 69 90 43 01 129
    eMail: m.politzer@reply.de


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