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    since 2014 | ThyssenKrupp Elevator | Storytelling Platform

    International Storytelling Platform for ThyssenKrupp Elevator


    Many large cities are already battling traffic jams, air pollution and rapid growth. Researchers and urban planners are working on ambitious concepts for 'smart cities' to cope with ongoing urbanisation and the development of mega-cities. They are for example planning to use new technologies and renewable energies to shape life in a greener, more liveable and sustainable way. ThyssenKrupp Elevator already supports concepts like these with forward-looking approaches for urban and vertical mobility.


    Triplesense Reply collaborated with ThyssenKrupp Elevator to create the international storytelling platform 'URBAN HUB'. In the first step, Triplesense Reply developed the content strategy, the UX concept, and the responsive design to allow optimal user experience of the platform. Technical implementation was based on WordPress, for which Triplesense Reply provided its own theme and modified backend.

    Using large images, animations, infographics, and videos, urban-hub.com tells stories about innovative projects, technical innovations, and trend-setting ideas for the cities of tomorrow. The catalogue of themes ranges from a story based on the personal experience of installing lifts in the New York One World Trade Center (1WTC) to innovative lift technologies that apply magnetic drive to speed horizontally and vertically through mega-skyscrapers. Other stories include one about novel pedestrian transport systems to ensure optimal networking of urban public transport. Such exciting stories are related as seen from the perspective of the people behind the technology, thus providing readers with a unique insight into the visions and their realisation. 


    Various plugins such as Editorial Flow to support editorial work
    Plans and tools for implementing the content strategy


    In future the problems of large cities should be a thing of the past. URBAN HUB offers potential approaches for "smart cities" and is more than just a storytelling platform: It is aimed at all readers involved in urban planning and the future of mobility – and invites them to share their own stories on smart cities and smart mobility. The combination of futuristic ideas and technological success stories is new. In future the platform should also showcase renowned experts and strengthen the sharing of information between employees, partners, customers, and applicants via integrated social media channels and other interactive elements, such as voting, newsletters, competitions, and more.



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