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If the tasks are addictive, the foosball table doesn’t matter!

You would never take a job just because there are cool toys in the office, would you? At Triplesense Reply, as much as we like to have fun away from the computers, exciting workplace challenges are by far more entertaining. Nerf guns, foosball tables, even the refrigerator fully stocked with Bavarian beer pale in comparison as they compete with animations, angular apps and systems architecture. If you want captivating challenges, which put the typical agency toys and gimmicks on the back burner, this is the place for you!!

ES6 Headless SPA

What is this backend stuff again?

Oleg P. – is happier about the in-house bicycle parking than about the company’s own limousine service

Right at the beginning of my career as a junior frontend developer at Triplesense, I was entrusted with the responsibility for the development of a product showcase website for one of the largest telecommunication companies in Europe. This website was only set up in 2018 and uses modern ES6 with Babel as well as GSAP for more sophisticated animations. The single page application is mostly headless – this allows fast and easy deployments supported by Gitlab CI.

The biggest challenge was the connection to the company’s customer database, to which we naturally had no access for security and data protection reasons.

The fact that I was able to leave the Apple-mad world of my colleagues behind and use GNU/Linux to set up my work environment – in the way I find most convenient – was even seen and supported as a learning opportunity.


Browser gaming with household robots

Fabian S, would rather build SVG animations than pay regular visits to the Triplesense Chocolate Fountain

Together with our customer Vorwerk, we implement an incredible number of projects that often involve extraordinary challenges. Sophisticated CSS animations, configurable Javascript product filters and the monitoring of complex deployment processes for a complete digital ecosystem are tasks that can only be solved by an experienced team of experts!

A particularly exciting task was the programming of a responsive browser game, which I implemented within a very short time, mostly by “learning by doing”. The solution was an animated SVG vacuuming robot, which can be moved with the arrow keys or a mobile joystick.

My most formative experiences were a stay in Paris with a visit to the dotCSS, as well as numerous excursions and workshops – in-house or underway, even in an amusement park. Additionally, Fridays after work, colleagues become friends and drink a beer or two together!

PR und Social Media

Gestaltung der Unternehmenskommunikation

Max F – is more interested in press releases than in our in-house discotheque.

I work on the public presence of our agency through many channels. In the course of this, I have learned a lot of new things about my colleagues and – as a researcher – I am allowed to immerse myself in a wide range of relevant subjects – from AI to management and creative inspiration.

When it comes to social media, you have to be flexible: Seeing the team, the company or the office with new eyes every day so that others can get a real insight behind the scenes. In doing so, I enjoy the freedom I am given and the trust my colleagues place in me.

SAFE for eprimo

The right way of working in a highly complex ecosystem

Philip G – has never visited the TSR wellness area.

In our team, cooperation and knowledge transfer are both demanded and encouraged. Colleagues help each other with different problems or discuss solutions together, without little importance attached to title or seniority. Sure: sometimes you have code that is old and complicated, but in our team you always come to a solution. We don’t just talk, but we plan technical solutions directly and implement them together. In the SAFE process, the cohesion is also noticeable across several service providers, where plans and solutions are processed and discussed far beyond one’s own immediate horizons.

In the SAFE process, the individual teams are similar to the individual participants in the “normal” Scrum process. Team members are sent as representatives into the discussions with other teams. The discussions are handled in a solution-oriented manner and, above all, on an equal footing, just like in your own team. The planning of the program iterations is done in a large meeting with all participants together.

Extreme UX

Concept design of an app that is published for a highly exclusive user group

Franziska P, doesn’t even know about the fridge full of Bavarian “Helles”.

Have you ever thought about it, how would blow your mind if you were super rich? That’s exactly what we did for a presentation! I was fascinated not only by thinking about a completely different world, but also by thinking about what luxury means for people who can buy everything they want.

Would you like a relaxed cold drink after work? We like to meet in our new, beautiful office.

Sounds interesting? Then just get in touch with us. We will find a suitable day, even at short notice.

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