Pioneering e-mobility project for MAINGAU Energie:
Finding the right charging plans for your e-car with LOWAGO

Germany’s first comparison portal for public car charging plans is online. What is special about the platform is that it offers a personalised calculation based on one’s own vehicle and individual driving behavior. The customer experience and platform specialists at Triplesense Reply are responsible for the pioneering project on behalf of the energy supplier MAINGAU Energie.

The heart of the LOWAGO portal is the charging plan comparison: Consumers not only receive a free, nationwide overview of car rates for on-the-go charging – they can also compare over 70 plans offered by more than 60 different providers in the plan calculator in order to select the plan for charging at public charging points which best suits their needs. An individual profile with vehicle data, driving style and the average monthly mileage simplifies the selection of the different plans as well as the fees. If necessary, users can then further refine their profiles. To do so, they filter their selections or enter the exact value of the total kWh charging requirement per month.

Another exciting function on the LOWAGO portal, which was completely implemented by Triplesense Reply, is the charging station map: It shows all charging stations throughout Germany with addresses, geo-coordinates, the plug type on the charging station and the charging capacity in kilowatts. Furthermore, the charging station map lists the respective operator and the various providers at a particular charging station.

“The electric mobility market is developing at breakneck speed. The LOWAGO comparison portal is an indispensable service for electric car owners, providing them with a comprehensive overview of plans, providers, charging behavior, costs incurred and developments and trends on the market,” says Caroline Hein, Product Manager at MAINGAU Energie. Oliver Bohl, partner at Triplesense Reply adds: “Electromobility is the wave of the future. MAINGAU Energie supports this trend with a charging comparison portal that perfectly meets drivers’ needs. Perfectly tailored products and services create an innovative digital experience and ensure that the charging rate selection process is simple and convenient.”

Triplesense Reply secured the project for the LOWAGO charging power portal in a tender. Subsequently, the digital experience specialists from the IT service provider Reply developed the user experience of the portal, creating the interface design and implementing the platform in the AWS Cloud. Part of the platform is also a partner portal, through which providers can update plans and further information independently and at any time. It has been a tremendous success: Since the launch of the LOWAGO portal, more than half a million page views have been recorded, and usage is rising.

Future features for the LOWAGO portal are already in planning – cooperation between MAINGAU Energie and Triplesense Reply will continue beyond the current project.

About MAINGAU Energie

MAINGAU Energie GmbH, based in Obertshausen in the Rhine-Main region, is a nationwide energy supplier with over 500,000 customers. In 2020, around 200 employees generated a turnover of around 419 million euros.