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Service Design for a worldwide knowledge and process management software

The focus of this project was the exploration phase for the new development of a system that handles special cases of motor vehicle malfunctions worldwide in 22 languages. Based on Service Design Thinking methods, more than 60 users were actively involved in the co-creative process over a period of 3.5 months. The objective was a fundamentally new development, without focus on existing processes and functions, to clearly focus on user acceptance. Through a multi-level user research with test persons from the test markets Germany, USA and UK, the requirements of the individual user groups were recorded, analyzed and evaluated by means of shadowing and contextual interviews. In the subsequent design sprint, the synthesis of the research was collaboratively processed and iterated with the design team. The result was an MVP, as well as a roadmap and a vision of the new application. The MVP was implemented as a clickable prototype, validated in several tests with real users and then optimized. The results of the exploration phase – backlog, prototype and comprehensive exploration concept – are the basis for the subsequent implementation phase.


Based on poor performance, lack of usability, outdated processes, lack of data protection and systemic instability – how can our customer provide dealers and importers (service recipients) as well as internal service providers with a service that is simple, fast and transparent, allows collaborative exchange of information, communication and ultimately higher customer satisfaction in a system with a good database?


Design Thinking is a method of innovation that delivers user and customer-oriented results based on an iterative process for solving complex problems. The design process is divided into different phases: User research, design, prototype, validation and processing.

In the user research phase, users and relevant stakeholders were interviewed and observed (shadowing) in order to better understand the users’ problems, how they work and what they expect from the system.

In the design phase, the underlying causes of the problems were extracted in two design workshops – from the knowledge gathered in the user research – and evaluated together with the design team (specialists from the markets USA, UK and Germany). In the end, a prototype of the new system was developed, the so-called MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

In the validation phase, this prototype was finally validated with real users from different markets (USA, UK, DE) in a Use Lab. Thus not only the members of the design team but also the end users were involved in the design process.

In the processing phase, in addition to the completion of the prototype, all requirements were defined in the backlog and prioritized in various rollout stages (MVPs).


Design events lasting several days, extensive research in the markets of UK, USA and Germany; rapid prototyping, service design, usability tests


Design Thinking, Prototyping, Innovation, Validierung, Nutzerforschung, Service Design, Service Blueprint, Customer Journey Mapping


The approach was a unique experience for all participants and opened the eyes of many to the potential of service design. Shoulder to shoulder, innovative solutions were sought where previously individual work and trench warfare had been the norm.

And of course the results were impressive:

  • From requirements analysis to implementation in an extremely short time: a validated prototype with product backlog was created in only 3.5 months
  • Time savings: The user-centered design process means that instead of 20 minutes, users now only need 5 minutes for a process that takes place several times a day
  • Increased user acceptance: The System Usability Scale as an indicator for the usability of technical systems was increased from 58% to 95% during the course of the project!

The Customer

The customer is one of the world’s leading automobile and motorcycle manufacturers based in Germany.

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