We Orchestrate Ecosystems

We develop ecosystems that bring our customers closer to people. We orchestrate communication across all touchpoints and in all channels. And we make companies fit for an increasingly digitalized world.

All our services are based on a solid foundation of user-centric approaches and methods.

Design Thinking

Innovation does not come about in a quiet, dark, locked rooms, but is driven by groups of people groups that pursue a common vision. For some years now, Triplesense Reply has relied on the power of co-creation in the spirit of design thinking.

  • Design Thinking Sprints
  • Design Thinking Programs
  • Workshop Facilitation

Digital Transformation

Innovative technologies enable new business models. Together with the specialists of the Reply Group, we help companies find their way through the jungle of digitalization:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Technology Consulting

Service Design

Competitive advantages are based less and less on product features and increasingly on the quality of services. We build the bridge connecting digital usage and organizational development:

  • Service Plots
  • Service Blueprints
  • Location Planning

User Experience

We translate user requirements and business goals into simple processes, intuitive operation to create enjoyable, functional interactions. The entire UX process is the foundation of our DNA:

  • User Research
  • Informational architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing

Interface Design

In modern times, all initial interactions with your company are digital: Our creative designers ensure your brand – on the web across all other applications and digital media – have a winning and consistent appearance:

  • Brand Design
  • Look & Feel, Mood Boards
  • Interface Libraries
  • Digital Styleguides

Conversational Design

With the phenomenal worldwide acceptance of voice interfaces, the next digital revolution is in full swing. At Triplesense Reply, we predicted the coming wave and – as experts in Digital Experiences – have mastered the design and programming of  conversational interfaces:

  • Holistic Conversational Strategies and Technology Consulting
  • Conversational Design and UX Strategies
  • Programming of conversational interfaces for chatbots, smart speakers and other voice-enabled devices
  • Conception and development of conversation architectures

Frontend Development

In order to do justice to our outstanding creative performance, we program both high-performance graphical user interfaces and user-friendly conversational interfaces. The competent, budget-compliant creation of fully or partially decoupled architectures, as well as monolithic templating for a large number of backend systems using state-of-the-art frameworks characterize our daily work. Examples are:

  • Highly complex data-driven dashboards for enterprise business systems with
  • Visually sophisticated, decoupled CMS connections with Vue.js
  • Presentation of interactive contract and operational processes with React.js
  • Programming and integration of conversational interfaces

Backend Development

Even the best design is useless without the data users require. This is why we have plenty of expertise to fill applications with information from a multitude of sources and bring them to life:

  • Programming microservices with PHP and Node.js
  • Creation of API interfaces and other service layers for further front- and backend systems with Symfony
  • Template- and business logic programming of among others Hybris- Magento- and TYPO3 applications

Content Strategy & Creation

Starting with your message, moving to the relevant topics and all the way to distribution, analysis and optimization: content needs a strategy and capable producers. We bring your content to life through:

  • Content audits
  • Content mapping
  • Data visualization and video-animation
  • Content styleguides

E-Commerce und Omnichannel

Online shops that sell are our passion. We present products masterfully and increase conversion rates through

  • Online Shops which are optimized for usability
  • A/B-Testing and CRO
  • Proximity and In-Store Commerce

Customer Relations Management

Your goal is to have loyal customers: We develop strategies, functions and content that turn buyers into loyal brand ambassadors:

  • Dedicated customer and self service areas
  • Couponing and loyalty programs
  • CRM-guided marketing

Agile Development

We develop in sprints, based on user stories: planning, reviews and retros are as much a part of this as JIRA, Confluence and other powerful collaborative tools. We know full well that the best ideas always originate through direct dialogue.

  • Sprint planning and proxy PO
  • User Story mapping
  • Backlog management

Software and Systems, Frontend and Backend

Our technical experts have mastered the full spectrum of web development, application development and DevOps. Although we provide a technology-neutral viewpoint when consulting in the interests of the customer, we rely on a well-established set of systems and tools for standard digital web projects, such as:

Together with our sister companies from the Reply network, we offer consulting, design and implementation of the following systems: