Conversational Interface Design and Programming

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It’s time to use your voice

Rapid advances in speech recognition and processing technologies, coupled with the advent of many new intelligent sensors and interfaces have helped voice interfaces gain acceptance in hundreds of millions of households worldwide.

Triplesense Reply, with a background of over twenty years of expertise in user experience design and technical know-how, is currently providing enterprise voice solutions to customers from various sectors.

Discover more about latest trends in the field of Voice Machine Interfaces and Our vision of a Holistic Dialogue Strategy.

The transition from “screen design” to “voice design” holds several challenges. We support you in overcoming them by designing and implementing conversational interfaces that are not only functional, but also intelligent and engaging. With the right strategy, frameworks for seamless integration of all CRM touchpoints can be implemented in a way that allows a customer journey to be paused and resumed without loss of progress or information.

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What is our Holistic Dialogue Strategy?

Whereas a “simple” digital assistant in the form of a chatbot or skill is an offering which is necessarily limited in scope and vision, our holistic approach would allow for a top-down perspective of a customer’s entire digital landscape, embracing the next digital revolution, enhancing brand safety and dramatically boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.​

What is Triplesense’s development approach?

In an intensive workshop with a customer, our experts identify all possible enterprise touchpoints, applications, data pools and devices which play a role in their business processes. Then, coupled with the corporate tonality, we collaboratively visualize an entire conversationally-driven digital landscape.​

What is the advantage of a Holisitic Dialogue Strategy?

In the future, many more business processes will be controlled with voice interfaces. Corporations which embrace this trend by implementing a global strategy – rather than a collection of single, unrelated solutions – will best profit from conversational technologies.​

Is a Holisitic Dialogue Strategy a purely technical approach?

No, this strategy involves input from brand-driven design, marketing experts, conversational designers and programmers alike. To create an engaging voice experience, tonality is as important as sentiment analysis, for instance.​

Plan your Holistic Dialogue Workshop

If you’d like to get the blueprints for your enterprise conversational solution strategy, Triplesense Reply offers a moderated, one-day live bootcamp or a similar, two-day remote event, which uses collaborative digital and physical models and methods to prototype your tailored conversation and voice ecosystem.

Coupling our in-house expertise in conversational UX-design and programming, we can immediately start turning your blueprints into an entire, holistic digital architecture. Contact us for more information!


Lambda functions with JavaScript and node.js, Dynamo DB programming, NLP with Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis


Conversational Design, Skill Manifests, Holistic Conversational Strategy, Chatbots and Voice Interfaces

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Are you planning to include conversational interfaces for your corporate communications, for marketing and branding purposes or perhaps to boost sales and customer loyalty? Are hands-free interactions an efficiency booster for your operations? Contact the conversational experts at Triplesense Reply to become part of the voice revolution!

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