Global portal for GfK

Global portal for the market research company GfK with special microsites: e.g. Nation Brands Index, TEMAX Report, Connected Consumer Index, GfK Datalab.


GfK, the largest market research institute in Germany and one of the largest market research companies in the world, based in Nuremberg, Germany, aimed to create a globally uniform website that would enable every visitor to see the content that suits them in aggregated form. To support sales, users were to be given access to the appropriate GfK contact.


On the new, global GfK website, interested parties can find all the information they need on the services and products of the market researchers, such as studies on a wide range of sectors or the consumer climate index. The multilingual website is aimed at existing clients, potential clients and applicants.

The portal is designed from scratch as a dynamic dashboard to deliver relevant content to all visitors. The content pages are displayed on the basis of taxonomies that have been defined in advance. Visitors and GfK clients can now select the information relevant to them even more easily from the large number of studies, insights, case studies and articles: Depending on whether they want to find out more about a particular sector or about a solution, for example, to secure business success, the portal displays the appropriate articles and contacts – each for the country and in the relevant language – currently for 68 countries in 28 languages.

TYPO3 is used as the content management system to provide editors with automated workflows and the possibility for local markets to add their own content. At the same time as the international web platform relaunch, the GfK microsites for the Nation Brands Index and TEMAX went online. The microsites for the Connected Consumer Index, Consumer Climate, GfK Datalab and the Annual Report 2015 were launched at different times. The Connected Consumer Index shows, for example, the extent to which consumers around the world network with each other, including digital content, and the devices they use.


TYPO3, Solr Search, Magento


Responsive Design, User Experience, Roll-out Management, Projektmanagement, International


The portal is a state-of-the-art, fully dynamic platform that is groundbreaking for the market research industry. provides users with relevant market and consumer information based on their entries and geographical location, both tag-based and cross-platform. The visitor receives current trends and topics directly on the homepage. Users access locally relevant content and get a complete overview. The sales department benefits from the display of suitable industry and country contacts. The various microsites, such as those for the TEMAX Report, Connected Consumer Index, Consumer Climate, Nation Brands Index, GfK Datalab and Annual Report 2015 cover specific topics.

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GfK SE, based in Nuremberg, is the largest German market research institute and currently number five in the sector worldwide.

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