German National Tourism Board


German National Tourist Board (GNTB)

Conversation vs. Keyboard: expert consulting in the age of voice-driven interactions

Together with the German National Tourist Board (GNTB), Triplesense Reply has embarked upon an exciting journey to raise tourism marketing to the next level. Collaboratively, we are examining the entire communications landscape of the GNTB with the goal of uniting brand, tonality, processes, advertising, information, big data and travel within the auspices of a holistic user experience and technical architecture.


How is it possible to successfully promote tourism in your country to potential visitors from all over the world – representing uncountable cultures and speaking a multitude of languages? The GNTB faces this challenge constantly and is adding a new, modern layer to their current communications measures: conversational interfaces. Demonstrating a high level of affinity towards conversational interfaces, the GNTB launched two Alexa skills and a chatbot. Although helpful in and of themselves, the GNTB realised that the limited, narrow efficacy of these measures could be multiplied by building a cohesive, conversational-first architecture.


Working together with technical and creative consultants at Triplesense Reply, the GNTB is taking a systematic approach to implementing not just isolated, single-purpose solutions, but rather an entire, centrally planned conversational strategy. Our goal is nothing less than to combine the brand of Germany as a tourist destination, all communication and marketing channels, open data pools of relevant tourist information and chat and voice endpoints to provide prospective and repeat visitors to Germany with the most engaging, user-friendly experience possible.


Conversational Design, Marketing, Strategy, Skills, Voice User Experience, Smart Assistants, Open Data


During a two-day workshop, the voice experts at Triplesense Reply and GNTB collaborated to establish a foundation for the voice identity of Germany as a travel destination. Preparations included market analysis of the target audiences and identification of all the stakeholder rolls for marketers and travellers alike. The results included:

  • A voice tonality chart, which delineates technical language parameters such as grammar, verbosity, vocabulary – all of which are mapped to a personality scale for, among other characteristics, humor vs. seriousness, for instance.
  • Definition of of vocal acoustics, such as pitch and timbre, speed and tone.
  • A high-level roadmap for future conversational solutions from both a technical and a user-experience perspective.

The customer

On behalf of the German federal government, the German National Tourist Board has been working worldwide: promoting Germany as an attractive travel destination for more than 60 years. It communicates German diversity, culture and hospitality to a worldwide market, all the while delivering a strong and attractive brand message – ‘Destination Germany’.

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